History of Mickey Thompson Tyres


Mickey Thompson is a giant amongst racetrack heroes. He is the driver who holds more auto speed records than anyone on earth.  He is the tyre innovator whose tyres were used on fast attack vehicles in the Gulf War.  He is the man who never gave up.

How did Mickey remain so determined to succeed against the odds? An IQ test revealed Mickey was near genius. His brilliant mind, steely determination and love of auto racing meant Mickey didn't stop until he saw his revolutionary ideas come to fruition.

After Mickey had broken hundreds of auto speed records, he went on to help elevate off-road racing to its present status through sponsorship, celebrity involvement and stadium events. Mickey inspired the racing world and his contributions is still felt today.

When Mickey was discussing the publishing of his life story with friend Tom Madigan, he told Tom, "If just one kid reads my story and realises that he can better himself by just determination and guts, then I'll be happy."


Danny Thompson, Mickey's son, has decided to resurrect his father's 1968 Challenger II Streamliner and use it to break the piston land speed record at Bonneville. On the 50th anniversary of his father's original run, Danny removed the Challenger II from storage and brought it to his Huntington Beach shop.

Untouched for almost forty-five years, he began the extensive process of restoring, retrofitting and updating the vehicle. Danny wants to lay his father's business to rest. For him that means taking the Challenger II, a vehicle that hasn't run since 1968, to the salt flats at Bonneville going at least 450mph. That's what it will take to break the piston driven world land speed record.

Read on to hear Danny's account of his father's history and some original footage that has never been seen before and view some original footage.